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Periodontics Therapy: Keep Your Gums Healthy and Free of Infection

Protect Your Teeth from Decay and Cavities Periodontitis is advanced gum disease which requires special procedures to treat.


Periodontal Therapy

Your teeth may become loose, and you may also lose some gum tissue and even bone.

To counter these losses, our Toronto dentist can begin periodontal therapy to stop the progression of the disease and repair the damage as quickly and thoroughly as possible.


Safe and Minimally Invasive Treatment

Experts agree that periodontal treatment should be as safe and minimally invasive as possible. Your dentist can assess the severity of your gum disease and plan a treatment that is best for your periodontal health.

Depending on how far advanced your gum disease is, you might need a simple procedure like deep cleaning, or scaling and root planning, or medications that eliminate infections.

If the disease is progressed too far for these methods, you and your dentist may choose periodontal surgery.


Deep Cleaning

After examining your gums, your dentist may suggest a deep-cleaning method known as scaling and root planning.

The process may be repeated several times as your gums heal to fit more closely around your teeth.

If you have advanced gum disease, your gums pull away from your teeth, creating pockets where bacteria can grow.

Periodontics Therapy

Periodontics Therapy: Scaling and Planning

The priority is to kill any infection before it can cause you oral or general health problems. We start with two processes called scaling and root planning together to remove hard calculus deposits from your teeth, even below the gum line.

After we scale away those mineral deposits, we plane the roots to make them smooth. This keeps food, minerals, and bacteria from sticking to the surfaces of your teeth.

At the same time, the two-fold process removes bacteria from the pockets. For some of our patients, one scaling and planning provides a great benefit and improves the gums sufficiently.

However, many people require several treatments before their gums are back to normal.



We can use certain medications as an alternative to scaling and root planning or in conjunction with these procedures. Antibiotic strips can be placed inside the periodontal pockets after a deep cleaning. Or your doctor might give you an oral antibiotic or an injection of antibiotics.

Another method many dentists use it to send you home with trays for your teeth and topical medication you use in the trays to eliminate bacteria and promote healing.

Our Ajax dentists will employ various techniques to manage periodontal diseases, including scaling and root planning, which involve thorough cleaning of the tooth roots and removal of plaque and tartar. Additionally, they may perform surgical procedures such as pocket reduction surgery and bone grafting to restore damaged tissues and improve the overall health of the periodontium.

Beyond treating periodontal diseases, periodontics also plays a crucial role in the aesthetic aspects of dentistry.

Our Ajax dentists are often involved in cosmetic procedures such as gum grafting to enhance the appearance of the smile by addressing issues like gummy smiles or uneven gumlines.

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